Murphy TX | The Timbers Homes for Sale

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The Timbers Homes for Sale

The Timbers neighborhood stands out in terms of size from the other Murphy neighborhoods we have introduced to you thus far. However, the fact that Murphy is a close-knit community, all amenities available to other neighborhoods are still easily accessible by residents of Timbers. The Timbers neighborhood was constructed in 3 phases much like the Rolling Ridge Neighborhood.

The Timbers Nature Preserve and Breckenridge Parks

The is a park called the Timbers Nature Preserve Park in this community which spans over 30 acres of land, joining the Murphy City Park with the Bunny Run Park. The Timbers Nature Preserve Park contains a full basketball court, a walking trail, water fountains, shaded playgrounds and several picnic tables under a pavilion. There’s also a pond that can be enjoyed off of Bunny Run. Another advantage of this neighborhood is its proximity to a huge park known as the Breckendridge Park. Technically, this park is in Richardson, however, a few minutes drive from Renner road an you’ll find yourself there. This park is popular because of the many activities that can be done in the park, which is about 417 acres big. This park has 3 ponds,  a trail that encircles the central area park, 2 pavilions an a picnic area adjacent a playground. There are up to 12 soccer fields in this park, these fields are used to host soccer games for kids. Apart from the 2 softball fields, the rest of the park is an open green space which is mostly used to host large events like the fourth of July fireworks show held annually. This neighborhood offers what most people can only dream of. There are also several events that pull community residents together, for instance, the snow cone truck visit.

Community Pool and Events at The Timbers

As commonly seen in the Murphy community neighborhoods, the Timbers also has its community pool. The pool has a section for adult just adjacent the children’s pool, making it a perfect relaxation spot for families. It is also a great place to hang out and meet neighbors, make friends and pass time. The Timbers is a perfect place for family outings because it has something for kids and adults alike, which is quite useful in a place like this with a dominant population of middle aged adults with young kids. This neighborhood also has a Facebook page where information about the community is passed to members of the community. Most communities are striving to get to this point where neighbors easily get in touch and useful information properly disseminated to the people who need them.  One of the conveniences of The Timbers is the close proximity to Richardson Tech Corridor, State Farm, and access to George Bush Turnpike 190.  Next to Murphy Farms, this is the closest area to the job markets in Plano, Richardson and special event locations like Breckinridge Park.  Kind of the best of both worlds with great price points from $250 to $400 in Murphy and still close to the employment hubs.