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Windy Hill Farms Homes for Sale

A Fitting Name

Just as the name suggests,Windy Hill Farms is where rural meets suburban sophistication. Windy Hill Farms homes brings out the roots of the growing city of Murphy with its variety of outdoor activities including Hikes and Bike Trails, soccer fields and large open spaces for any other activity. Not too long ago, about 15 years ago, Murphy could only be regarded as a passerby town. Today, it has a reputation as one of the best cities in the country. Despite the urbanization going on in this city, Windy Hill Farms still offers that original opens space and rural feel.

Clubhouse and Pool at Windy Hill Farms

Kids always have concerns about having access to the pool in the summer and perhaps, you have discussed the possibility of getting a private pool in your own backyard. Well, with Murphy, most of its neighborhoods have community pools and Windy Hill Farms is not different in this regard. Beyond the pool, there is a club house and a park just adjacent the community pool. The club house has a kitchen with large refrigerator, a separate men and women rest room, a large sitting area with tables and couches and is available on rent to residents of the community. There is also a storage closet at the back which contains a vacuum cleaner, extra fold-able chairs and tables. Simply put, it is a well equipped clubhouse.

Windy Hill Farms is located in Wiley ISD, which is a school district popular for its very high standards. Kids who live in this neighborhood attend schools within this district and with its amazing staff and facilities; I don’t think there’s anything negative that can be said about the WISD. The learning environment is friendly, calm and the academic program here challenges kids to bring out the best in them. Schools in this neighborhood include;

  • Watkins Elementary School
  • Burnett Junior High School
  • Harrison Intermediate School
  • Wylie East High School



Unique Features

Windy Hill Farms  is also great for kids. Apart from the presence of a playground adjacent the clubhouse, Windy Hill Farms has a foot bridge that links the creeks and the highlands. These are lovely sites for a family adventure. Lots of amazing pictures can be taken here. There is a small hill which is part of an open space just off of Zachary Walk perfect for sledding whenever there’s snow. However, for some the fact that there is a rear natural phenomenon like a hill just close to them is enough. And if that doesn’t impress you, the vast space available for family adventure should do the trick. Also, the majority of the half lots off of Ashley Place are half acre lots. This means there is even more free open space at Windy Hill Farms.  Located close to Windy Hill Farms are two great outdoor and indoor facilities.  Murphy Park has sprawling green space, outdoor amphitheater, park amenities, trails and more.  Located next door is Murphy’s multi-indoor facility for all organized sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse and more at the famous Plano Sports Academy or PSA to Murphy locals.