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Plunge into Plano homes and real estate and experience the ultimate in lifestyle and suburban living.

Experience Plano homes for sale.  The diverse nature of Plano, TX makes it a great place to live, work, and play. People who live in Plano homes live embrace this community enjoy several benefits including easy access to local amenities, urban opportunities and a friendly suburban environment, making it a suitable community for people of different demographics.

Reasonable Home Prices & Friendly Neighbors

You will observe that Plano homes are well planned and surprisingly very affordable and for this reason, the local population keeps growing as thousands of people migrate from different communities, both far and near.  East of the highway lies East Plano, where you will find the most affordable Plano homes. The more affluent Plano homes are located in the West Plano. This area is also home to the more upscale shopping centers and other major industries.  Plano homes range in price from East Plano homes at $200k to $300k; and West Plano where prices range on average from $300k to $500k and even upwards to multi-million dollar estates.  Plano homes are conveniently located along major thoroughfares including Dallas North Tollway, Sam Rayburn Tollway 121, Central Expressway 75 and Preston Rd 289.

Safe & Prosperous Community

Plano was named the safest place to live in by Forbes back in 2010. The crime rate in this community is next to none and residents can go about their daily activities without having to worry about the security of their lives and property. Also, this community was named the wealthiest city back in 2008 by the Census Bureau. This surely shows that there is a standard which this community has maintained for a very long time.  There are a lot of real estate options to pick from besides Plano homes, ranging from spacious single family homes to high-rise condos.  Many Plano homes are booming thanks to expanded job markets like State Farm, Toyota and Raytheon.


Award Winning Educational Options

There are several high standard schools in this community, some of which have gained district national recognition. 23 of the public schools around Plano homes in the region have earned the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence awards from the U.S. Department of Education. 3 of the high schools in this district have been featured in the Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Schools.

The average test score and graduation rate in this community is pretty high. Plano records one of the highest scores in the entire country on college entrance exams. This may be as a result of the International Baccalaureate program and the advance placement courses on offer in this community. The fact that seniors in high schools in this community are afforded the opportunity to take college credits in high school as well as a couple of college courses gives the high school graduates the experience that offers an extra advantage when applying into colleges. Their performance in the state test has not gone unnoticed. 9 of the schools in this community have been recognized by the Texas Business and Education Coalition Honor Roll for their consistently high results.


Arts & Culture

The thriving art culture in this community ensures there’s something for everyone. There are exhibitions at the local Art center, showcasing the artworks of local artists. Also available is the opportunity to take art classes, a camp to hone your artistic talents, listen to music recitals and so on.

Live performances of all kinds are always on show at the Collin County arts park. You can watch the local play at the Plano Children’s theatre or the Art Center theatre. If you are a lover of music and dance, the Courtyard Theatre is an ideal place for you to visit. AT Plano, you’ll get the opportunity to watch lots of theatre and symphony orchestra performances.

Plano is a part of the Plano FAMILY ARTS which dedicates itself to the development of future artists. There are several professional artists here willing to assist up and coming artists on how to become better in their chosen fields so if you want sharpen your skills or talent as an artist, Plano might be the place for you.

Dining & Restaurants

Before visiting the theatre, you may want to fill up and Plano has a wide variety of menus at the different restaurants in the community. There is a highly rated German restaurant at the Bavarian Grill, offering delicious delicacies and Yao Fuzi, which specializes in Chinese food. Capital Grill is one of the best locations to get the good old American grilled steak. And for people who don’t want to spend much, there is the Twisted Root Burger Company. There’s something for everyone.

The night life in this community is so exciting and amazing that people often travel from other communities to come and enjoy them. The pepper sash and the Blue martini, amongst many others offer exotic drinks which add up to the fascinating night life in this community enjoys.

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