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On average one house is built every 10 hours in Wylie Texas. This goes to show the rate at which Wylie homes are growing. A 100% increase in population was observed within a space of 6 years which brought up the number of residents up to 30,000. With a growth like that, it will be inappropriate to keep referring to Wylie as one of the bedroom communities of Dallas, although it is only about 24 miles north of Dallas. With its perfect blend of amazing real estate and a thriving business climate, one can rightfully refer to Money Magazines recent 2017 listing of Wylie Homes being centered in the top 20 places to live.  Experience the value and excellence of Wylie homes for sale.

The friendly nature of the residents in this community is something that has got a lot of people both within and without talking about the community.  The community of Wylie homes has a way of making new residents feel welcome and together with the older residents, there is a mutual family-like feeling in the community. There are several events like the Boo on Ballard and the Pedal Car Race held every year; and the parades of lights as well as the Homecoming parades are only some of the many activities which residents of this community get to enjoy.

This community of Wylie homes has a rich history which dates back to the 1870s. There are lots of award winning public schools, amazing transport service, thriving economy and exciting entertainment options all over the city. The community’s population is made up of mostly married couples and young families which shows that the community is family friendly. The crime rate in this community is very low; about a quarter less than the average state crime.

Wylie Education

Wylie homes have the benefit of the Wylie Independent School District which is very reputable and with an enviable student –teacher ratio of 15-1,  kids are getting a proper education. There are 9 private schools and 18 public schools around Wylie homes, showing that education in this city isn’t a thing to joke about. The high number of schools around Wylie homes are at the disposal of residents within Collin, Rockwall and Dallas counties which implies that there are 3 scholastic regions within close proximity. Post High school students living in this community will have to go out of the community to get access to College education, although the University of Texas, Dallas is just 20 minutes away from Wylie homes and neighborhoods.

With access to 2 of the state’s most beautiful lakes, access to incredible amenities, lots of schooling options among many other reasons, it is easy to understand why Wylie’s real estate is fast becoming one of the most sought after communities in Dallas, Texas.

The presences of 5 highways around Wylie homes make transportation and communication easy from the Dallas metropolitan region. This accessibility has made the town more popular and the local government within the community more active. The fire department and police unit in this city have received several recognitions for their efforts in keeping the Wylie community and Wylie homes safe.

Lakeside Living In Wylie Homes

This Wylie community has the unique opportunity of being located in the middle of 2 lakes; Lake Lavon and Lake Hubbard. This means residents of the community will have the opportunity to engage in activities like fishing, boating, camping etc. Sports, picnics and other outdoor activities can be carried out in the numerous parks in the community and around the downtown area, there are quite a lot of concerts organized to host the Wylie rodeo which attract lots of visitors to the community.

The presence of trails, natural parks, city services, library and recreational center in the amazing Municipal Complex are some other great features of this lovely community.  Almost all the Wylie homes and neighborhoods in this community have their own green space to serve as a park and or playground where residents can go to play; pass time etc. There is also a skateboard park in the community. This city shares its borders with lakes; Lake Ray Hubbard to the south and Lake Lavon to the north. The community is an amazing place to live, work and play.

Wylie Arts & Culture

The Wylie Festival is one of the most important celebrations in this region and this event features over 100 arts and craft vendors most of whom are locals. This event exhibits a vast array of skill and talent. Crafts such as paintings, woodworks, portraits, music, etc. are all on display and lots of artisans from the neighboring counties make this yearly event a ritual.

Another highly celebrated area is the city center popularly known by residents as the “Historic Downtown” located right next to large neighborhoods of Wylie homes. The rich old storefronts and the original government structure are the major inspirations for the name. The aged architectural designs and the vintage vibe all add up to the high rating this community has.

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