Wylie TX Woodbridge Homes for Sale

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Wylie TX Woodbridge Homes for Sale.


Woodbridge represents the pinnacle of community planning and is located in a one-of-a-kind area – The wooded area. Streams, lakes, creeks as well as bridges, trails and pathways make this community extremely beautiful, especially because of the abundance of natural phenomenon in the community. Do not be deceived by the rustic sound of “Woodbridge”. The design, layout and planning of this community is amazing. This is the only community of its kind in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with an extensive golf course. The homes in this community are well diversified to suit different people, and with the community divided into 3 neighborhoods, the level of amenities in this community far outweighs that of other communities within the same price range. With homes built by the most experienced and trusted builders in North Texas, swimming pools, lakes, creeks, an 18-hole golf course, wooded trails and parks; people who live in this community certainly have lots of luxury at their disposal.

Woodbridge offers a lifestyle you’ll find easy to live with.

Woodbridge is made up of several residential neighborhoods, multi-family and economic developments. Buyers who intend to buy homes in this community have a wide range to choose from as homes here range between $250k and $500k, most of which are well suited to have a clear view of the golf course or open space.

There are several family oriented amenities available in this community, and they are all linked to the extensive trail system. Residents can easily enjoy the presence of parks; lakes etc, and take leisurely strolls, go fishing, and organize a picnic and so on. For lovers of more traditional recreational amenities, there are swimming pools and playgrounds all over Woodbridge which are open to residents at all times.

The trails that run through the entire community do not only serve as link to the pools and parks, they also meander along creeks, through the woods and the golf course, thus allowing residents to easily take a stroll to these places whilst admiring the picturesque landscape. From the name of the community, it wouldn’t be too hard to guess that the community has several wooden bridges, hence the name Woodbridge community.

The presence of large trees scattered around a large open green field, with creeks, bridges, brooks and rolling fairways makes the golf course an amazing site that adds to the beauty of the community.

Woodbridge is located in 2 school districts and shares its boundary with the Collin and Dallas county line. The Wylie ISD is perfect for school kids in the Collin County area while the Garland ISD will better serve those around the Dallas County. It’s only a matter of distance; both schools have a great reputation.

Kids in Woodbridge can attend:

Wylie ISD

  • Cheri Cox Elementary and Don Whitt Elementary
  • Harrison Intermediate School
  • Burnett Junior High School or Raymond Cooper Junior High School
  • Wylie High School


Garland ISD

  • Sewell Elementary or Armstrong Elementary
  • Hudson Middle School
  • Sachse High School

There are plans to construct a shopping/office complex just by the Highway 78 entrance. This shopping center is going to have certain services like restaurants, banks, retail outlets and offices. The building’s exterior will be built to contemporary standards but with the Woodbridge theme in mind. This commercial hub will be built such that it will seamlessly fit into the residential plan of the community.